The goal with centerspirited was and will always be to create an open-hearted space for everyone searching for spiritual growth. Through this safe place, we provide resources that will help you balance your soul, body, and intuition so that you can be open for every little sparkle the universe sprinkles on your way to your personal higher purpose.
We certainly hope you’ll enjoy!

christina johnson centerspirited

Christina Johnson

San Francisco, California

My name is Christina, and I am the founder of centerspirited. Being a physiotherapist for several years, I have found that many people, including myself, don’t achieve well-being only from a physical point of you. I’ve always viewed a person’s body, soul, and emotions as a whole construct of beauty. As I was working in my field, I could not fully indulge in this point of view and, as a result, often felt like
something was missing. That’s when I started my spiritual journey. Always being a yoga enthusiast, I finally became an instructor myself. On a secret mission to capture spirituality in all of her beautiful shapes, I found myself being guided on a way through ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle. The harmony and peace I found through this journey completed my libra-self and made me see parts of my soul I never could’ve imagined. Since I received so much help from the universe to cope with my personal challenges, understanding my dreams, and finding comfort for my heart and soul, I found that there’s even higher purpose to this. Through this platform, I will hopefully be able to help other beautiful souls out there find their inner peace and bond with their spiritual selves.
Ready to join me on my secret mission?

donna coleman

Donna Coleman

Houston, Texas

I’m Donna Coleman, an expert in angel number interpretation and sensing energies in other people. Whenever I had the opportunity to explore different cultures worldwide, my mission was to discover knowledge about crystals and how their energies can support us in our pursuits.
I work as a jewelry maker, creating pieces out of crystals and spiritual stones. I’m incredibly passionate about imparting my knowledge on the spiritual community and helping people discover how to trust their intuition and connect with a higher power. Throughout these moments, my beloved main coon Merlin is never far away. Join us on our spiritual journey!