Unicorn Symbolism – Meaning and Mythology

Throughout history, the unicorn has been a symbol of beauty, mystery, and enchantment. The magical creature is said to have a horn that can heal any wound or illness, and its very sight brings good luck. It’s no wonder so many cultures worldwide have adopted the mythical beast as their own – with each culture giving it different meanings along the way. In this blog post, you’ll learn about all aspects of unicorn symbolism, from its meaning in various myths and folklore to how it stands for certain values today.

What Does a Unicorn Symbolize?

The unicorn is a magical creature with a deep symbolic meaning and associations. Representing purity, innocence, and divine power, the unicorn has been celebrated throughout human history for its unique beauty and strength, symbolizing hope and joy in times of despair.

In Greek mythology, it was said to be a symbol of fertility and innocence. The Chinese have long thought of the magical beast as an emblem of power, health, and prosperity. In Christianity, it has been associated with purity and grace. Today, its most common symbolism is that of wonder and magic.

In addition to its general symbolism, the unicorn has also been associated with certain values throughout the ages. In some cultures, it stands for freedom and strength of character. For others, it represents a sense of pure joy or grace. Some even believe that the white horse-like creature embodies hope and promise.

The unicorn has also been a popular symbol of love and romance. In medieval tapestries, unicorns were often depicted with lovers, symbolizing the purity of love. In more modern times, unicorn figurines have been given as heartfelt gifts to express love and appreciation.

black unicorn

Different Color Meaning

The color of a unicorn also carries special meaning.

Black Unicorn Meaning

A black unicorn symbolizes the power of dreams, intuition, and the subconscious. It represents personal strength, courage, and protection from harm.

White Unicorn Meaning

The white unicorn is a symbol of purity, innocence, and beauty. It carries the message of hope and optimism, as well as a reminder to stay true to oneself.

Pink Unicorn Meaning

The pink unicorn is associated with joy, optimism, and femininity. It represents unconditional love and acceptance, comfort, healing, and understanding.

Blue Unicorn Meaning

A blue unicorn symbolizes creativity, spirituality, and self-expression. It is a reminder to trust your imagination and intuition.

Purple Unicorn Meaning

The purple unicorn stands for magic and mystery but also faithfulness and loyalty. It is associated with strength, courage, and inner wisdom.

Green Unicorn Meaning

The green unicorn is a symbol of growth and new beginnings. It represents fertility, abundance, and balance in life. It signifies good luck and encourages us to stay open to opportunities that come our way.

Rainbow Unicorn Symbolism

The rainbow unicorn is a unique symbol of hope, renewal, and transformation. It stands for the power of diversity and reminds us to appreciate every color. It encourages us to find beauty and joy in our journey.

Silver and Gold Unicorn Meaning

The silver and gold unicorn represents abundance, prosperity, and wealth. It symbolizes the power of dreams and reminds us that anything is possible if we stay focused and committed.

Winged Unicorn Symbolism

Winged unicorns are a powerful symbol of the divine, the magical, and the mysterious.

They represent strength and hope, freedom and courage, beauty and purity.

Winged unicorns are often seen as messengers from the gods or guardians of sacred places.

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In many cultures, they have been associated with fertility and abundance, while in others, they have been seen as symbols of protection, power, and divinity.

Winged unicorns are seen as important protectors in many cultures, often associated with the god of war or a warrior spirit.

They have been portrayed in mythology, religion, and folklore as powerful forces that bring justice and protection to those who need it most.

what does it mean when you see unicorn

What Do Unicorns Symbolize in Arts and Literature?

Unicorns have long had a place in the arts and literature. They often represent the spirit of innocence, purity, and the untamed yet powerful unknown. Perhaps the most common representation is the fantasy novel-turned-film, ‘The Last Unicorn’. It is the story of an enchanted creature that is the last of its kind and must search for others like it – a journey to discover its true self.

unicorn with a book

The unicorn symbolizes freedom from enslavement to others; instead, the character finds strength and identity in empowering himself or herself through discovering new knowledge. Ultimately, it’s a story about becoming one’s true self – against all odds.

The legend of the unicorn continues to be an inspiring theme throughout multiple art forms and literature, reminding us of our potential within our own lives when we dare to take risks and face challenges head-on.

Unicorn Spirit Animal

The unicorn spirit animal symbolizes magical opportunities that are yet to be revealed. Those who invoke the power of this angelic creature are often rewarded with insight and wisdom, stepping up to their full potential in life.

unicorn spirit animal

It encourages us to embrace our inner power and understand the source and purpose of our metaphysical gifts. It guards the divine mystery of the Creator’s will for each person’s destiny, allowing its presence to be felt as assurance and guidance when we are in doubt.

Unicorn Totem Animal

The unicorn continues to be a timeless symbol of enchantment, adventure, and magical exploration. Unicorns carry a special magic wherever they may roam, representing purity and connection to the divine spirit.

As a totem animal, the unicorn gently reminds us that sometimes venturing off the beaten path can lead us to our inner truth and intuition. With its single spiral horn, the unicorn encourages us to open up to new possibilities by unburdening ourselves of unnecessary worldly attachments.

Unicorn Dream Meanings

The mythical unicorn has been revered in dreams for generations, serving as a powerful symbol of kindness, magic, and hope. Unicorns often visit us in our dreams when searching for peace after a period of chaos or if we wish for something special like true love and great fortune.

sleeping woman dreaming about unicorn

Depending on the context of the dream – such as if the unicorn is white or colorful – it can represent a variety of meanings and interpretations. Unicorns also signify purpose, purity, strength, and limitless possibilities – making them an ideal subject to dream about when seeking enlightenment or direction in life.

Unicorn Meaning in Tarot

The unicorn is a popular symbol in tarot readings, denoting a magical kind of energy that has the potential to bring extraordinary results while remaining elusive and difficult to pin down.

unicorn totem animal

Representing innocence, pure emotion, and positivity, the unicorn can appear when hope needs to be restored, and faith rekindled.

Rather than being a sign that everything will be perfect, the presence of this mythical creature hints at the potential for something wonderful if we remain positive and open-minded – even in times of struggle.

Unicorn Symbolism in Startup and Tech

The Unicorn has become the ubiquitous symbol of tech startups and the ever-expanding technology industry. Since unicorns began appearing in business branding, they have grown to represent trickiness and innovation, connoting that whichever product or service a company sells must be truly special and one-of-a-kind.

As technology continues to shape how humanity interacts with the world, so too does the idea of the unicorn for representing something new, untested yet brimming with potential.

It’s a fitting homage to an industry constantly striving for bigger and better things through unstoppable ambition and forward-thinking strategies that help foster an environment of creativity. For these reasons–and many more–the Unicorn will remain an ever-present symbol of modern business well into the future.

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Unicorn Symbolism in the Bible and Christianity

These mythical animals appear in Biblical texts of the King James Bible, where references to unicorns may refer metaphorically to humans or describe a real animal. They also feature heavily in early Christian writings, appearing in stories used as metaphors for Jesus and the Church.

For example, in one allegory, David is seen leading a unicorn while wearing a crown – referencing his status as King of Israel. In later centuries, representations of unicorns were used widely throughout churches and religious artwork; these depictions often conveyed both an independent spirit and peace-keeping characteristics which could be associated with Christ’s teachings.

Unicorn Mythology, Folklore, and Symbolism in Different Cultures

Medieval Europe

Unicorns were a popular source of fascination in medieval Europe, frequently appearing in artwork and literature. They were often used as symbols of purity and power and a representation of the divine. The unicorn was thought to possess magical powers, such as curing illnesses or protecting from harm.

Unicorns were also sometimes used to represent the Church and its values, such as faith and chastity. Medieval Europeans believed that unicorns had a special connection with God, so they sought out these creatures for spiritual guidance or answers from on high.

medieval unicorn  painting

In addition to its mystical qualities, the unicorn was also believed to possess physical strength and agility, making it a formidable creature. It was thought that unicorns could only be tamed by a virgin, adding to the mysticism of this mythical beast. This belief likely stemmed from an association with purity and innocence.


In African mythology, the Unicorn is often seen as a powerful and protective spirit. Its horn has healing properties, which can cure any illness or injury, both physical and spiritual.

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This power makes it an important creature in African folklore, which is respected and revered for its potent healing potential. The Unicorn also appears in African creation myths, where it is said to have created the first humans out of clay.

Native American

The Unicorn is seen in Native American cultures as a symbol of strength, courage, and power. It is believed to bring good luck and fortune, which can be harnessed to bring success and fulfillment.

It is seen as a protector of the people, and it is thought that its magical powers can help ward off harm and danger.


In Celtic culture, the unicorn symbolizes inner strength, courage, and endurance. It is believed to bring luck and protection to anyone who possesses it, and its magical horn is also said to have the power to heal wounds, purify water, or even break spells.

celtic unicorn

The unicorn symbolizes strength, freedom, and independence; it is said that nothing can hold or contain a unicorn.


The unicorn has a long history of appearing in Scottish folklore and mythology. In Scotland, the unicorn symbolizes grace, strength, purity, innocence, and power. It is also believed to possess magical powers that can ward off evil spirits.

In Scottish mythology, the unicorn was a powerful protector of the land and its people. The unicorn was said to be so strong and brave that a virgin could only tame it with a pure heart. This idea is still seen in the coat of arms for Scotland, which prominently features two unicorns as supporters.

The Scots Gaelic name for the unicorn is aon-adharcach, which translates to “one-horned”. The unicorn is also a classic symbol of Scotland, found on everything from logos to flags. As an emblem of the country, the unicorn stands for Scotland’s independence and strength, both in its past and modern times.


The Chinese Unicorn, the qilin, symbolizes harmony, prosperity, and peace. It was believed that a sighting of the mythical creature was an omen of good fortune or that it would bring blessings to those nearby.

Chinese dragonlike unicorn qilin

It was often used in artwork or depicted on buildings or coins to bring luck and ward off evil spirits. The qilin is also associated with benevolent rulers, as it was believed to appear when a wise or just leader came to the throne.


In Japanese culture, the kirin is often depicted in artwork as a combination of several different animals. Its head may be that of a dragon, its body may be horse-like, and it has scaly legs and claws like a lion’s. It is said to have two long horns protruding from its forehead.

japanese kirin

The kirin is associated with the natural world, and its presence is said to bring peace and good fortune. Kirin are seen as a sign of a wise ruler when they appear, and they often take on the role of divine messengers in mythology and folklore.


The Unicorn is seen as a symbol of power and strength in Hinduism. It is often associated with the gods, particularly Indra, who rides on the back of a unicorn during battle. The unicorn also appears in many stories where it has magical powers to heal illnesses or grant wishes.

In Hindu art and sculpture, the Unicorn is often portrayed as a single-horned white horse, though it can also take the form of an antelope or a goat. It is seen as an embodiment of divine power and strength, and its presence can be protective and destructive.

The Unicorn is thought to bring abundance and prosperity wherever it goes, making it a powerful symbol in Hinduism.

Queer and LGBTQ

The Unicorn has become an important symbol for the queer and LGBTQ communities recently. It is seen as a representation of strength, courage, and power and stands for acceptance, self-love, and pride. The Unicorn also symbolizes freedom from oppression and judgment, which many members of these communities face daily.

The Unicorn’s message of love, acceptance, and pride resonates with the queer and LGBTQ communities.

Unicorn Tattoo Meaning

Unicorn tattoos are popular designs because they represent a variety of meanings. They stand for strength, courage, freedom, and mystery. Additionally, unicorns have been used to symbolize purity and innocence since the Middle Ages. Many people get unicorn tattoos to remind them of these qualities or celebrate them.


What is the symbolism of a unicorn horn?

The unicorn horn is a symbol of purity, innocence, and protection. It is said to have magical properties that can ward off evil spirits and negative energy. The horn also can heal wounds and restore balance in the world. In addition, it is seen as a sign of hope and optimism in difficult times.

What is the sexual meaning of a unicorn?

The sexual meaning of a unicorn is often related to its mythical nature. It is seen as an animal not bound by society’s rules and expectations but free to explore whatever it desires. This can be interpreted in various ways, from being open to new experiences in the bedroom to embracing one’s sexuality and identity. Ultimately, the unicorn symbolizes a sense of freedom and exploration.

Final Words – Unicorn Symbolism

The symbolism of the unicorn has been around for centuries. It represents purity, strength, freedom, protection, and hope – all qualities we can strive to embody in our lives. As a creature of myth, it allows us to explore new realms and push boundaries while remaining true to ourselves.

Whether you view its meaning as spiritual or sexual, the power of the unicorn should not be underestimated – after all, it’s capable of anything! Ultimately, embracing this symbol can help us understand who we are and what we want our life journey to look like.

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Discover simple steps to unlock inner peace and live a life aligned with your true self.
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