The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

Dive deep into the enigmatic realm of the Tarot, and you’ll encounter the Devil card, a symbol that often evokes strong reactions and intrigue.

But what truly lies behind this mysterious card? The “Devil tarot card meaning” is far more profound and transformative than its ominous name might suggest.

Rather than a sign of impending doom, it offers insights into our deepest desires, challenges, and the chains that bind us. In this article, we’ll unravel the layers of symbolism and meaning behind this card, shedding light on its powerful messages and guiding you through its profound wisdom.

Whether you’re a seasoned Tarot reader or a curious soul, join us on this enlightening journey into the heart of the Devil card.

  • The Devil Tarot card represents the inner struggles we face, urging us to confront and comprehend our darker aspects. It reminds us that our self-imposed limitations and material desires can be overcome by becoming more self-aware and introspective. This can lead to personal growth and freedom.
  • The card’s prominent symbols, including the chains, the inverted pentagram, and the horned figures, all carry profound messages. They represent the potential for liberation, the challenges of our physical existence, and the transformative power of the spirit, reminding us of our capacity to influence our circumstances and evolve.
  • The Devil’s combinations with other tarot cards like The Lovers, The Tower, and The Star provide nuanced insights into our relationships, life upheavals, and potential for renewal. They serve as guiding lights, illuminating the path toward overcoming obstacles and achieving a more profound sense of purpose and spiritual growth.

Devil Tarot Card: Description

The Devil Tarot card is imbued with intricate symbolism that resonates with its profound and meaningful messages.

At the forefront, we see Baphomet, a figure depicted as half-man and half-goat, embodying the figure of the Devil.

His bat-like wings suggest the depths of the underworld, while the inverted pentagram on his forehead represents the subversion of divine order.

Dominance is suggested by the naked man and woman bound to a pedestal at his feet. Yet, the chains binding them are loose, hinting at the potential for liberation from their physical and emotional confines.

The presence of horns on both figures signifies their transformation under the Devil’s influence, a nod to the transformative power of the card itself.

The imagery of the Devil Tarot card is a powerful allegory, inviting us to confront our deepest fears and break free from the chains of our own making.

Key Terms Upright

  • Obsession, dependency, secrecy
  • Addiction, confinement, dominance
  • Deceit, jealousy, external forces

Key Terms Reversed

  • Detachment, independence, breaking free
  • Freedom, realization, regaining control
  • Overwhelm, neglect, overexertion

Devil Upright – Meaning and Interpretation

In an upright position, the Devil Tarot card is a stark reminder of the damaging effects of short-term pleasure and immediate gratification.

It warns of becoming entangled in a web of deceit, addiction, and dominance, often at the expense of our freedom and authenticity.

The upright devil implores us to recognize these chains of confinement, whether they are in the form of an unhealthy relationship, a harmful habit, or the paralyzing fear of taking personal responsibility for our actions.

While the Devil card’s presence may be daunting, it should not be perceived as a harbinger of doom but rather as an invitation to confront our deepest insecurities and the external forces that hold us captive.

By acknowledging these aspects of our lives, we can break free from these self-imposed bindings, regain control, and embark on a transformative journey toward personal growth and self-discovery.

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Love and Relationships

In love and relationships, the Devil card often denotes a toxic or tumultuous partnership. It may signify an unhealthy attachment to our significant other, leading to feelings of entrapment, possessiveness, and jealousy.

devil tarot card

The card’s appearance may also suggest that external forces are at play, causing conflict and deceit within the relationship. In this context, it serves as a warning to reassess our dynamic with our partner and break free from any harmful patterns.

Career and Finances

When it comes to one’s career and finances, the Devil card can indicate a period of excessive exertion, engaging in deceitful transactions, or relying on others for financial support. It serves as a reminder to evaluate our actions and decision-making processes critically.

devil tarot card meaning

Are we sacrificing our values for short-term gains? Are we allowing external pressures to dictate our choices? The appearance of the Devil card urges us to pause and reevaluate our motivations and priorities.


Stress, overexertion, and neglect are common themes associated with the Devil card in relation to health. It is a warning sign to take care of our physical and mental well-being before it spirals out of control.

The appearance of this major arcana card urges us to find a balance between our responsibilities and personal needs, reminding us that our health should always be a top priority.


Confronting the darker aspects of ourselves is a crucial step in spiritual growth, and the Devil card encapsulates this journey.

It invites us to delve deep into our shadow selves, face our fears and insecurities, and emerge stronger and more self-aware. The presence of this card serves as a potent reminder that true transformation comes from embracing all facets of ourselves.


Associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, the Devil Tarot card is often linked to slow but steady growth during these zodiac seasons.

While the card’s energy may seem daunting, it also offers opportunities for introspection and transformation under its influence. Additionally, the planet Pluto is associated with this card, highlighting themes of power and control.

devil card represents

Devil Reversed – Meaning and Interpretation – Reversed

When the Devil Tarot card appears reversed in a tarot reading, it signifies a moment of awakening and realization. It’s a card of liberation, breaking loose of the chains and dependencies that once held you captive.

This major arcana card, in its reversed position, encourages introspection and self-analysis, urging us to confront our deepest fears and obstacles and overcome them with resilience and determination.

reversed devil tarot card meanings

It shows that you are ready to relinquish unhealthy attachments, harmful habits, and negative influences hindering your growth and progress.

Liberation from these self-imposed chains allows personal growth, empowerment, and renewed control over your destiny. The reversed Devil tarot card also suggests a period of detoxification and purge, a time to cleanse yourself of negativity and toxicity, signaling the start of a transformative journey toward self-improvement and self-discovery.

Love and Relationships

In matters of the heart, a reversed Devil card signifies a period of detachment and independence from an unhealthy relationship.

It may also suggest that you have overcome your insecurities and fears and are now ready to embrace new love or rekindle an existing one on healthier terms. Alternatively, it may also indicate the realization that a relationship is not serving your best interests and the need to move on from it.

Career and Finances

The Devil tarot card serves as a powerful symbol of liberation from reliance on external forces, making it a significant indicator of career and financial progress.

This symbolizes your path toward liberating yourself from detrimental patterns and relationships within your professional life. It empowers you to embrace a path of ethical decision-making and responsible choices. Furthermore, it represents the reclamation of control over your financial well-being, paving the way for financial independence.

Embrace this newfound freedom and let it guide you toward a more fulfilling and prosperous future.


Self-care and prioritizing well-being are at the forefront when the Devil card appears in its reversed position concerning health. It encourages you to break free from any harmful habits or patterns that may be affecting your physical and mental health significantly.

the devil in a tarot spread

The card also suggests a period of rejuvenation and recovery, after which you can conquer any challenges on your path to better health.


The reversed Devil card in spirituality speaks of letting go of limiting beliefs and fears that have held you back on your spiritual journey. It signifies a period of self-discovery, learning to embrace all aspects of yourself, including the shadow self.

This card also encourages you to trust your intuition and inner wisdom, leading to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Symbolism and Key Themes

In the illustration of the Devil Tarot card, the most prominent symbols are the chains, the inverted pentagram, and the horned figures. These symbols carry deep meanings and form the key themes of the card.

The chains symbolize captivity, representing the self-imposed bindings that hold us back from achieving our true potential. Yet, they also represent the potential for liberation. The chains are loose, reminding us that we possess the power to break free from our self-imposed bindings and regain control of our lives.

The inverted pentagram represents the material realm and its challenges. This symbol points downwards, indicating the grounding of spirit into matter.

upright devil

It serves as a reminder of the trials and tribulations we face in our earthly existence, urging us to maintain balance and not be overly consumed by materialistic desires.

The horned figures signify transformation and influence. The horns, often associated with the divine, symbolize the transformative power of the spirit. They remind us that we are constantly evolving beings, influenced by our experiences and capable of influencing our environment.

Through self-awareness and understanding, we can harness this power for personal growth and positive change.

In a spiritual context, the Devil Tarot card encourages introspection and confrontation of our fears and insecurities. It is a potent reminder that transformation and growth come from embracing all facets of ourselves, including our shadow selves.

It’s a call to delve deep within and face our inner demons, breaking free from the chains that hold us back, symbolizing a transformative journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

Important Card Combinations

Devil with The Lovers: When the Devil card appears alongside The Lovers, it signifies a potentially toxic or obsessive bond within a relationship. This combination suggests that the connection may be solely based on physical attraction, lacking a deeper emotional or spiritual connection. It could also indicate a situation where one person takes advantage of the other for personal gain, leading to an imbalanced dynamic.

Devil with The Tower: The Devil and The Tower tarot cards together indicate a sudden realization or awakening regarding an unhealthy attachment or addiction. This combination suggests a significant upheaval or breakdown is imminent due to one’s vices or dependencies. It serves as a warning to address these negative patterns before they lead to a complete collapse.

Devil with The Star: The combination of the Devil and The Star brings a glimmer of hope amidst the dark energy. While the Devil represents a sense of being trapped or in bondage, the Star offers the promise of healing and spiritual guidance. This combination suggests that although challenges may be present, there is a potential for renewal and positive transformation. It encourages seeking higher guidance to overcome obstacles and find a path toward personal growth.


The Devil card in the tarot deck is a potent symbol of our inner struggles and the darker facets of human nature. It prompts us to face our self-imposed limitations, material desires, and recurring patterns.

Yet, its message isn’t one of doom but of empowerment. By recognizing and understanding our shadows, we can rise above them.

The Devil doesn’t mark an unchangeable destiny but an invitation to deeper self-reflection and growth. It’s a reminder that awareness is the key to breaking free from our chains. By heeding the Devil’s lessons, we can navigate our journey with greater wisdom and purpose.

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Free Download: Tarot Card Reading & Your Destiny
Your destiny is shaped by your choices, and tarot can help you make the right ones. Get your hands on our eBook!
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Tarot Card Reading & Your Destiny
Your destiny is shaped by your choices, and tarot can help you make the right ones. Get your hands on our eBook!
Free Download: Tarot Card Reading & Your Destiny
Your destiny is shaped by your choices, and tarot can help you make the right ones. Get your hands on our eBook!