Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of the Tarot? Let’s dive into the meanings of minor arcana cards in the modern age. Since tarot was first created hundreds of years ago, we can now draw on empirical knowledge and new perspectives about symbolism and numerology to unlock powerful insights.

Minor Arcana Suits

The Minor Arcana tarot cards, wonderfully diverse and captivating, form an integral part of the Tarot deck and features 56 cards across four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each suit resonates with specific thematic elements.

Wands Cards (Rods, Staves, Batons)

Illustration of the Wands suit, showcasing a golden wand surrounded by flames and mystical symbols, emanating energy and passion against a vibrant orange background
  • Latin Suit: Clubs (Cudgels)
  • French Suit: Bâtons (Batons)
  • Element: Fire
  • Class: Peasantry or Clergy
  • Faculty: Creativity and will
  • Description: Wands are symbols of inspiration, spirituality, and determination. They represent our ambitions, dreams, and the driving forces that push us. The suit urges us to follow our intuition and vision, surging forward with passion and spirit. They also connect deeply with the spiritual realm, emphasizing personal growth and self-awareness.

Wands cards embody fire energy within the tarot, representing inspiration, spirituality, and determination. They are often linked to our ambitions, dreams, and the driving forces that propel us forward.

When a Wand card appears in a reading, it typically signifies motivation, direction, and personal drive. It encourages us to follow our intuition and vision, pushing through obstacles with vigor and zeal.

Wands emphasizes growth, expansion, and a deeper understanding of oneself as a suit deeply connected to the spiritual realm.

Cups Cards (Chalices, Goblets)

Illustration of the Cups suit, depicting a silver chalice overflowing with crystal-clear water, surrounded by waves and emotional symbols, set against a serene blue backdrop.
  • Latin Suit: Cups
  • French Suit: Coupes
  • Element: Water
  • Class: Clergy or Aristocracy
  • Faculty: Emotions and feelings
  • Description: The Cups delve into the world of emotions, connections, and relationships. They signify our emotional well-being, the quality of our bonds, and the depth of our emotional exchanges. They resonate with love, joy, and intuition, but can also indicate disappointment or emotional upheaval.

The suit of Cups is intrinsically tied to the element of water, symbolizing the vast realm of emotions and relationships. Cups delve deep into the world of feelings, connections, and interpersonal interactions.

When a Cup card graces a reading, it’s often a sign to reflect upon our emotional well-being, the quality of our relationships, and the nature of our emotional exchanges. They can indicate love, friendship, joy, disappointment, and emotional turmoil.

The Cups encourage introspection, urging us to listen to our hearts and trust our feelings.

Swords Cards

Illustration of the Swords suit, featuring a sharp, gleaming sword piercing through clouds, surrounded by gusts of wind and intellectual symbols, against a stormy gray sky.
  • Latin Suit: Swords
  • French Suit: Épées
  • Element: Air
  • Class: Nobility or Military
  • Faculty: Reason
  • Description: Swords symbolize clarity, intellect, and conflict. They challenge us to employ our intellect and reasoning, cutting through uncertainties. While they can bring clarity and truth, they can also indicate disputes, decisions, or challenges.

Representing the air element, Swords cut through the fog to bring clarity, truth, and intellectual balance. However, they’re a double-edged blade; while they can symbolize clarity and intellect, they can also indicate conflict, challenges, or tough decisions.

Suit of Swords cards in a tarot reading can be a call to action, suggesting it’s time to decide, communicate clearly, or face a challenge head-on. They challenge us to use our intellect and logic, rather than emotions, to navigate through situations.

Pentacles Cards (Coins, Disks, Deniers)

Illustration of the Pentacles suit, showcasing a golden pentacle encrusted with jewels, set amidst a lush garden with symbols of prosperity, against a rich green background.
  • Latin Suit: Coins
  • French Suit: Deniers
  • Element: Earth
  • Class: Merchant or Bourgeoisie
  • Faculty: Material body and possessions
  • Description: The Pentacles concern our physical environment. They deal with material aspects such as work, finances, health, and the tangible world. They guide us on wealth, prosperity, and the physical realm, emphasizing stability, security, and sustainable growth.

Grounded in the earth element, Pentacles are the tangible, physical embodiment of the tarot suits. They deal with material aspects of daily life, such as work, finances, health, and our environment.

When a suit of pentacle card appears in a spread, it’s often a message concerning our financial standing, career progress, or personal health. They offer guidance on wealth, prosperity, and the physical realm. They remind us of the importance of stability, security, and sustainable growth.

Each of these card suits has its unique symbolism, and a tarot deck’s specific design or theme can sometimes influence the alternative names.

Court Cards

The four court cards in a tarot deck, associated with each suit of the Minor Arcana, are:

  1. Page (or Knave): Represents youth, a messenger, or the beginnings of a phase or idea. It can also symbolize exploration and a quest for knowledge.
  2. Knight: Symbolizes action, adventure, and movement. The Knight often represents a situation or person that is driven by a particular element or quality, such as emotion for the Knight of Cups or ambition for the Knight of Wands.
  3. Queen: Embodies the mature, feminine aspect of the suit’s energy. The Queen is intuitive, nurturing, and inward-focused, reflecting the deeper understanding of her suit’s element.
  4. King: Represents the mature, masculine energy of the suit. The King is a figure of authority, control, and leadership, embodying the mastery of his suit’s element.

The specific meanings and nuances of each court card can vary based on the suit (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles) they belong to and the specific tarot deck or interpretation being used.

Which Planets Are Associated With The Minor Arcana?

Artistic landscape illustration showcasing the Minor Arcana's connection to planets. Depicting the four symbols of the Minor Arcana (wand, chalice, sword, pentacle) arranged horizontally. Above each symbol, there's a celestial body: Mars for the wand, Moon for the chalice, Mercury for the sword, and Venus for the pentacle. The background is a deep cosmic space with twinkling stars, and a central sun casting a gentle glow over the entire scene.

The Minor Arcana in the tarot, specifically the numbered cards (Ace through Ten), can be associated with planets and zodiac signs, especially when combined with their suits. Here’s how the planets correspond to the Minor Arcana card:

Suit of Wands:

  • Ace: The essence of Fire, not specifically linked to any planet.
  • Two: Mars in Aries
  • Three: Sun in Aries
  • Four: Venus in Aries
  • Five: Saturn in Leo
  • Six: Jupiter in Leo
  • Seven: Mars in Leo
  • Eight: Mercury in Sagittarius
  • Nine: Moon in Sagittarius
  • Ten: Saturn in Sagittarius

Suit of Cups:

  • Ace: The essence of Water, not specifically linked to any planet.
  • Two: Venus in Cancer
  • Three: Mercury in Cancer
  • Four: Moon in Cancer
  • Five: Mars in Scorpio
  • Six: Sun in Scorpio
  • Seven: Venus in Scorpio
  • Eight: Saturn in Pisces
  • Nine: Jupiter in Pisces
  • Ten: Mars in Pisces

Suit of Swords:

  • Ace: The essence of Air, not specifically linked to any planet.
  • Two: Moon in Libra
  • Three: Saturn in Libra
  • Four: Jupiter in Libra
  • Five: Venus in Aquarius
  • Six: Mercury in Aquarius
  • Seven: Moon in Aquarius
  • Eight: Jupiter in Gemini
  • Nine: Mars in Gemini
  • Ten: Sun in Gemini

Suit of Pentacles:

  • Ace: The essence of Earth, not specifically linked to any planet.
  • Two: Jupiter in Capricorn
  • Three: Mars in Capricorn
  • Four: Sun in Capricorn
  • Five: Mercury in Taurus
  • Six: Moon in Taurus
  • Seven: Saturn in Taurus
  • Eight: Sun in Virgo
  • Nine: Venus in Virgo
  • Ten: Mercury in Virgo

It’s important to note that while these associations are traditional, they can vary depending on the tarot system or interpretation being used.

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Some tarot systems might not associate the Minor Arcana cards with planets at all. Always refer to your specific tarot deck or system for accurate correspondence.

Conclusion – Minor Arcana Cards In Tarot

In conclusion, the Tarot provides a comprehensive system of self-insight and understanding, blending elements of mysticism, psychology, and philosophy. The Minor Arcana, comprised of the Suits of Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, each with their unique symbolism, and the associations of these cards with planets and zodiac signs, offers a rich tapestry of meanings.

Though interpretations may vary based on different Tarot systems, the essence of each card remains a powerful tool for introspection and guidance.

Remember to refer to the specific Tarot deck or tarot readings system you use for accurate correspondence. The journey through the Tarot is a journey of self-discovery, providing insightful reflections on our lives, relationships, and experiences.

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