Suit of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

From deep emotional connections to intuitive insights, the suit of cups cards brims with potential for any tarot reader. When upright, these cards embody emotions, intuition, relationships, and compassion, guiding us to deeper self-understanding and connection with others. However, when reversed, they may hint at emotional turmoil or disconnect. Delving into the complete meanings of the suit of cups tarot cards will enable you to discern the emotional undercurrents in a reading more adeptly.

Suit of Cups Meanings

The suit of cups is one of the four suits in the minor arcana tarot deck, alongside wands, swords, and pentacles. Each suit brings its distinct insights and guidance tailored to different facets of life.

Cups represent the element of water, symbolic of emotions, intuition, relationships, and the subconscious. While each card within the suit of cups has individual symbolism, they collectively emphasize emotional experiences, interpersonal relationships, and our intuitive senses.

Upright Meanings

A cup card upright in a reading resonates with feelings, compassion, and emotional clarity. It might herald deep emotional bonds, intuitive realizations, or heartfelt experiences. Such a card could invite you to tap into your emotions and trust your intuition.

Specific cards can also denote various aspects of emotional life. For instance, the Ace of Cups might symbolize a new emotional beginning or the blossoming of a relationship, while the King of Cups could indicate emotional maturity and stability.

Reversed Meanings

A reversed cup card in a reading may point to emotional imbalances, suppressed feelings, or relational discord. It might indicate that you’re not in sync with your feelings or that external circumstances are causing emotional disturbances.

However, these reversed cards also provide valuable insights. They urge introspection, signaling the need to address emotional barriers or conflicts to achieve emotional harmony.

Suit of Cups Cards

upright ace of cups tarot card appears with water overflowing a cup

Ace of Cups

A fresh emotional start, symbolizing love, intuition, or a new relationship.

two of cups tarot card meaning

Two of Cups

Emotional partnership and mutual understanding, hinting at a deep bond.

three of cups tarot card

Three of Cups

Celebration of emotional bonds, friendships, and shared happiness.

four of cups tarot card, young person sitting in front of three cups

Four of Cups

Contemplating and reassessing one’s feelings, possibly due to emotional stagnation.

An illustration of the Five of Cups tarot card, showcasing a figure in a black cloak seen from behind, symbolizing self-pity and loss. In front of them, three cups are depicted as overturned, representing disappointments or missed opportunities. Behind the figure, subtly positioned on the ground, are two upright cups, signifying unseen potential and hope amidst despair. The minimalistic setting highlights the theme of sorrow, yet suggests the presence of unacknowledged possibilities.

Five of Cups

Emotional loss or regret, emphasizing the need for emotional healing.

six of cups tarot card

Six of Cups

Nostalgia and looking back fondly at past emotional bonds or memories.

seven of cups tarot card

Seven of Cups

Daydreams, fantasies, and many emotional choices, urging discernment.

eight of cups tarot card

Eight of Cups

Leaving behind what no longer serves emotionally in search of deeper emotional truth.

nine of cups upright card

Nine of Cups

Emotional fulfillment, contentment, and realizing one’s emotional desires.

ten of cups tarot card

Ten of Cups

Emotional bliss, familial harmony, and the pinnacle of emotional contentment.

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page of cups tarot card

Page of Cups

A messenger of emotional news, signaling sensitivity and artistic inclinations.

knight of cups card, knight riding a white horse, the knight wears shining armor,the knight's helmet is depicted with feathers

Knight of Cups

Romantic pursuits, emotional quests, and following one’s heart.

A tarot card depicting the Queen of Cups, illustrated as a serene, regal figure seated on an ornate throne at the edge of a peaceful sea. She holds an intricate cup, symbolizing intuition and emotional intelligence. The calm waters and her tranquil expression convey her deep connection to the unconscious mind and empathy towards others

Queen of Cups

Deep emotional understanding, intuition, and compassionate leadership.

An illustrated tarot card depicts the King of Cups seated on a throne adorned with marine motifs, against a turbulent sea background. He holds a golden cup in his right hand and a scepter in his left, symbolizing his dominion over the emotional and intuitive realms. His serene expression and regal posture reflect mastery over the chaotic waters that surround him, suggesting wisdom and emotional balance. The card has intricate border designs characteristic of traditional tarot imagery, with a mystical aura evoked by the sea and sky

King of Cups

Mastery over emotions, balance, and a figure of emotional wisdom.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Suit of Cups

Cups come with their strengths and potential pitfalls. Some strengths are:

  • Deep emotional understanding and compassion.
  • Strong intuition and psychic insights.
  • Building and nurturing relationships.

Potential challenges include:

  • Emotional vulnerability and oversensitivity.
  • Getting lost in emotions or becoming overly sentimental.
  • Avoidance of confronting emotional issues.

The suit of cups is profound and reflective, guiding us in navigating our emotional landscapes. Their presence in a tarot reading offers rich insights into our emotional worlds, urging us to navigate with empathy and intuition.

Correlations and Correspondences

Each suit in tarot also correlates with elements, astrological signs, and seasons. The suit of cups corresponds to the water element and is frequently associated with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It’s generally linked with autumn.

The court cards in this suit mirror various emotional states and societal roles. Pages embody youthful emotion and curiosity, knights represent the quest for emotional truth, queens exude emotional intelligence and nurturing, and kings epitomize emotional authority and wisdom.

Understanding these associations offers a more profound comprehension of the underlying meanings of each card in the suit of cups. Incorporating these insights can enrich a tarot reading, weaving in deeper layers of interpretation.

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