The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

In the radiant world of tarot, The Sun card emerges as a beacon of positivity and success, casting a golden glow on the path of those who draw it. This Major Arcana card, often depicted with a bright and beaming sun, a child riding a horse, and an array of sunflowers, symbolizes a period of joy, vitality, and enlightenment. The Sun card is a harbinger of good fortune, suggesting that whatever clouds may have darkened your days are set to clear, revealing a bright and promising tomorrow.

The Sun tarot card is multifaceted, offering layers of meaning across various aspects of life. In love, it promises warmth and growth; in career, it heralds success and recognition; and in personal development, it encourages authenticity and happiness.

Whether upright or reversed, The Sun card’s energy is undeniable, prompting introspection and optimism even when challenges arise.

As we delve into the essence of The Sun tarot card, we uncover a universal message of hope and encouragement. It reminds us that after every night comes a new dawn and, with it, the potential for renewal and abundance. The Sun card is not just a symbol but a powerful archetype, reflecting the innate human longing for light, clarity, and the unwavering spirit of resilience.

  • The Sun tarot card, whether upright or reversed, symbolizes important facets of life such as vitality, clarity, and inner strength. It encourages us to stay optimistic and face challenges with resilience, reminding us that the sun always shines, even when obscured by clouds.
  • This card’s symbolic imagery, including a radiant sun, a child on a white horse, and blooming sunflowers, convey profound messages of positivity, authenticity, joy, and abundance. These themes encourage us to focus on the light in our lives and to navigate with optimism and positivity.
  • When paired with other tarot cards like The Empress, The Devil, or Judgement, The Sun card can signify periods of fertility, abundant growth, passionate pursuit of dreams, and affirmations of one’s chosen life path. These combinations provide deeper insight into our personal and professional journeys.

The Sun Tarot Card: Description

The Sun Tarot card is a vibrant tableau of joy and vitality. At the center of the card is a large, golden sun, its beams extending outwards, filling the card with a warm, radiant light. The sun has a benign face, often interpreted as a symbol of the divine watch over humanity.

Beneath the sun, a young, naked child is astride a sturdy white horse, a portrayal of innocence, freedom, and life’s positive forward motion. The child holds a red banner in his left hand, a color symbolizing passion and a deeper consciousness at work.

The horse, white and without a saddle, signifies purity of spirit and the power of the unbridled soul. The background is a clear blue sky, a universal symbol of clarity, inspiration, and infinite possibility.

In the foreground, a wall of sunflowers grows tall and proud; their faces turned towards the sun, an homage to life, fertility, and abundance. This richly symbolic image encapsulates the card’s themes of joy, positivity, and enlightenment.

Key Terms Upright

  • Joy
  • Fertility
  • Achievement
  • Optimism
  • Truth

Key Terms Reversed

  • Sorrow
  • Procrastination
  • Pessimism
  • Untruths
  • Failure

The Sun Upright – Meaning and Interpretation

When drawn upright, The Sun tarot card signifies a time of happiness, optimism, and fulfillment.

The radiant Sun symbolizes clarity, suggesting that truth is illuminating your life, and you can see the world for what it truly is – free from illusions.

It represents a time of success, where your goals align with your inner self, and your efforts bear fruit.

This card encourages you to follow your passion and believe in your capabilities, as it’s a time of growth and positivity.

Embody the sun’s energy – be vibrant, be radiant, and let your true self shine through. It’s a time to celebrate the joys of life and embrace the warmth and abundance around you.

The Sun tarot card reminds us of the inner child within us, urging us to view the world with a sense of wonder and awe, just as a child does.

It teaches the importance of authenticity and being true to oneself.

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This card is about embracing the light and banishing the darkness, about optimism and positivity, about success and joy. It’s a beacon of hope and good things to come.

The Sun tarot card

Love and Relationships

In matters of love and relationships, The Sun tarot card brings a wave of positivity and joy. It signifies the start of a new chapter filled with love, happiness, and growth. For those in an established relationship, this card suggests revitalizing the relationship and finding joy in each other’s company. It also encourages open communication and a deepening of the bond between partners.

For singles, The Sun card serves as a reminder to find happiness in the present moment and not to wait for someone else to bring joy into your life.

Embrace self-love, personal growth, and trust that love will come when it is right. This card is about being true to oneself and radiating love and happiness, attracting the right partner into your life.

the sun tarot card meaning

Career and Finances

The Sun tarot card represents a positive omen for career and finances. It indicates that your hard work will pay off and success is on the horizon.

This major arcana card encourages you to trust yourself and your capabilities, as it’s a time of growth and recognition.

It may also suggest new opportunities or promotions in the workplace, bringing a sense of fulfillment and abundance.

In terms of finances, this card signifies financial stability and success. It encourages you to believe in your abilities and make sound decisions with your money.

The Sun card serves as a reminder to focus on the positive aspects of life rather than fixating on material possessions.


The Sun tarot card’s energy is particularly potent regarding health and well-being. It signifies a time of vitality, recovery from illness, and an overall improvement in one’s physical and mental state.

It reminds us to bask in positivity and let go of negative thoughts or beliefs that may hold us back.


In spirituality, The Sun tarot card symbolizes enlightenment and the journey toward inner growth. It encourages us to trust in the universe’s unfolding, even during challenging times, and to remain true to ourselves and our spiritual path.

This card serves as a reminder that light always follows darkness and that there is beauty in every stage of the journey. It encourages us to embrace our innate resilience and trust in the divine guidance of the universe.


The Sun card’s positive energy is intimately connected to the astrological sign of Leo, symbolized by the majestic lion.

Just as The Sun tarot card shines brightly, individuals born under Leo are renowned for their unwavering confidence, magnetic charisma, and remarkable ability to inspire others. With their natural warmth and radiant presence, Leos effortlessly attracts people towards them, creating an aura of admiration and respect.

These exceptional qualities align perfectly with The Sun tarot card’s profound themes of boundless joy, vibrant vitality, and influential leadership. Embracing the essence of Leo and The Sun card allows one to embrace inner light and bask in the transformative power that radiates from within.

The Sun Reversed – Meaning and Interpretation

When drawn in reverse, The Sun tarot card signals a time of potential difficulty, pessimism, or lack of clarity. It can represent a period where one’s inner light is dimmed, possibly by external circumstances or inner feelings of self-doubt or negativity.

reversed sun tarot card meanings

This does not imply doom but rather a call to reflection and re-evaluation. The sun reversed signals to confront any internal pessimism or fears hindering your growth or blocking your joy.

Difficulties may arise in different aspects of life, be it personal, professional, or health-related. However, the reversed Sun card also reminds us that the sun always shines, even when obscured by clouds. This card encourages resilience, perseverance, and the need to reignite your passion.

Love and Relationships

In relationships, the Sun reversed may suggest a lack of communication or a disconnection between partners. It may indicate that one or both individuals are not being authentic, leading to feelings of neglect or lack of passion. This card serves as a reminder to drop any ego and be true to oneself to create an honest and fulfilling relationship.

Career and Finances

The reversed Sun card may indicate a lack of motivation or recognition in the workplace. It can also represent financial struggles or setbacks that require reassessment and careful planning.

sun tarot card reversed in a tarot deck

This card encourages us to tap into our inner resources and cultivate an attitude of determination and optimism to overcome any challenges.


In a health reading, the Sun reversed may represent a need to focus on self-care and inner healing. It reminds us to seek help or support when needed and to confront any negative thoughts or behaviors that may be affecting our well-being. This card serves as a reminder to trust in the body’s ability to heal itself and to cultivate a positive mindset for good health.


In spirituality, the reversed Sun card may indicate a time of inner turmoil or confusion. It encourages us to step back and reassess our spiritual beliefs and practices.

This card serves as a reminder to let go of any preconceived notions and to embrace openness and curiosity in our spiritual journey. It may also suggest seeking guidance from a spiritual mentor or teacher to navigate the clouds and find clarity.

Symbolism and Key Themes

The Sun tarot card is rich in symbolic imagery with profound meanings and key themes. At the center of the card, a large, bright sun shines, its rays reaching every corner, symbolizing life, vitality, and illuminating wisdom. It radiates positivity, creativity, and exuberance – pushing away shadows of doubt and fear and nurturing growth.

A child riding a white horse appears in the foreground, embodying innocence, joy, and freedom. The child represents our inner spirit – ever curious, dynamic, and filled with boundless joy.

The child’s nudity signifies the absolute purity of spirit, symbolic of being authentic to oneself. The white horse symbolizes purity, nobility, and strength, carrying the child with grace and confidence

immense joy when the sun tarot card appears

, affirming that purity of spirit and strength of character can successfully guide us through life.

The blooming sunflowers in the background echo the themes of life and abundance. These towering flowers turn towards the sun, an allegorical way of reminding us to focus on the light in our lives and to navigate with optimism and positivity.

As a whole, the Sun card encourages us to embrace joy, celebrate abundance, and cultivate positivity. It invites us to shine brightly, just like the sun itself, fostering growth, vibrancy, and warmth in our lives and those around us. Let your spirit ride free, embrace the strength within, and bask in the radiant energy of the Sun tarot card.

Important Card Combinations

The Sun and The Empress: When the Sun card appears alongside The Empress, it may suggest a time of fertility, creativity, or abundant growth. This combination is traditionally associated with pregnancy, but it can also signify the birth of new ideas, projects, or fruitful endeavors. It’s a powerful signal of prosperity and success.

The Sun and The Devil: The Sun, paired with The Devil card, encourages us to pursue our dreams with unbridled ambition. It’s a reminder that passion and desire can be powerful motivators, driving us to reach our goals. However, it also warns us to be mindful of our actions and intentions, ensuring they are aligned with our true selves and not driven by ego or materialistic desires.

The Sun and Judgement: The combination of The Sun and Judgement card resonates with a strong affirmation of our chosen path. This duo confirms the alignment of our career or life path with our soul’s purpose. It validates our decisions and reassures us that we’re on the right track, encouraging us to stay committed to our journey and continue striving for personal development and growth.

Final Thoughts – The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

In the radiant light of The Sun Tarot card, we find a universal symbol of optimism, success, and the vibrant energy of life itself.

This card, with its bright imagery and uplifting themes, serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to personal fulfillment and joy.

Whether it appears in a tarot reading to herald a time of happiness and achievement or to remind us to seek the silver lining in every cloud when reversed, The Sun is a powerful ally on our journey.

It encourages us to shine brightly, to share our light with the world, and to always trust in the unfolding of our highest potential. As we embrace the lessons of The Sun, we learn that even after the darkest night, the sun will rise, offering us a new day filled with possibilities and the warmth of endless opportunity.

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Your destiny is shaped by your choices, and tarot can help you make the right ones. Get your hands on our eBook!