The Role of Music and Sound in Tarot

Welcome to the harmonious world of tarot and music, where the mystique of the cards meets the melody of tunes! If you’ve ever thought that your tarot deck could use a bit of jazzing up, or if you believe that The Fool card might secretly be a rockstar in disguise, you’re in for a treat. Like a DJ mixes tracks to set the mood, combining tarot with music can turn an ordinary reading into a symphony of insights. So, let’s tune our decks and play some tracks, because in the world of tarot, every card could use a good soundtrack!

  • Music-themed decks and the integration of musical elements in readings enhance the tarot experience.
  • Different types of music set the mood, deepen focus, and resonate with the energy of the cards, enriching tarot practice.
  • Music influences emotional and psychological states, unlocks intuition,

Historical Connection Between Tarot and Music

Historical figures associated with music and mysticism, depicted with cards and musical elements.

The intertwining of music and tarot throughout history is a rich narrative of spiritual and artistic synergy. Influential figures, including cult music icons and occultists like Paul Foster Case, have explored this connection, creating unique tarot decks inspired by musical rhythms and vibrations.

These decks blend card meanings with musical elements, offering music lovers and tarot enthusiasts an exciting new addition to their practice.

This historical relationship between tarot and music enriches readings, infusing them with intuition and inner wisdom, and highlights the harmony between the spiritual journey of tarot and the transformative power of music.

Tarot Card Decks Inspired by Music

There are unique decks that draw direct inspiration from the realm of music, constructing a fusion of auditory and visual artistry. These decks often feature genre-stunning illustrations and are a tribute to various music icons, encapsulating the essence of the tarot and the musical world.

Each card in these collections celebrates a cult favorite musician or genre, offering a fresh perspective on traditional tarot card meanings. For music lovers, these decks are not just tools for divination but also a homage to the melodies that shape our lives.

They serve as an exciting new addition to the tarot practice, allowing readers to tune into their readings with a deeper connection to the sounds and rhythms that resonate with their souls.

Some decks that are inspired by music:

  1. Music Icons Tarot Deck: This deck features 22 cards inspired by cult music icons.
  2. Rock Star Oracle Card Deck and Guidebook: A music-based divination deck that combines the elements of rock with oracle card readings.
  3. 80’s Music Tarot: A deck that captures the spiritual playlist of the 1980s, focusing on the Major Arcana with a retro theme.
  4. 60’s Music Tarot: Similar to the 80’s Music Tarot, this deck is themed around culture of the 1960s.
  5. 90’s Music Tarot: This deck brings ’90s jams into the realm of tarot, offering a nostalgic twist on traditional tarot imagery.
  6. Sirens Of Song Tarot Deck: A deck that celebrates female musicians and their influence, blending music and tarot symbolism.
  7. The Orchestra Tarot Deck: A unique tarot deck inspired by the elements and instruments of an orchestra, integrating musical themes with tarot symbolism.

Each of these decks offers a distinct approach to combining the worlds of music and tarot, providing diverse and enriching experiences for readings and meditation.

Playlists for Tarot Readings

Side profile of a person with headphones focusing on cards in a dim

Making playlists for readings is a practice that can significantly enhance the experience. Music has the power to set the mood, deepen the focus, and resonate with the cards’ energy.

For each tarot session, a carefully curated playlist can act as a backdrop, amplifying the themes and emotions associated with the cards drawn.

For example, a reading focused on transformation and change might be accompanied by a playlist of dynamic and evolving music, while a reading centered on introspection and inner wisdom could be paired with more meditative, soothing tunes.

These playlists can be tailored to the specific themes or the individual preferences of the reader or querent. They can include a wide range of genres, from classical to contemporary, each bringing its unique energy and influence. By integrating music into readings, practitioners can create a more immersive and intuitive experience, allowing the melodies and rhythms to guide and enhance their interpretations.

Tarot Playlists on Spotify

Spotify, with its vast library, offers an excellent platform for creating and accessing various playlists. Users can find pre-made playlists that align with various tarot themes or create their own to match their style and preferences. 1

These playlists can range from ambient and instrumental tracks to more thematic songs that resonate with specific cards or spreads.

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To ensure an uninterrupted and focused tarot reading experience, it’s advisable to block Spotify ads, as they can disrupt the flow and connection between the reader, the cards, and the music.

Creating Personal Tarot Playlists

Hands selecting songs on a device, with cards blurred in the background

When creating a playlist, consider the emotions, themes, and stories that each card represents. You can choose songs that perfectly encapsulate these elements, adding a layer of auditory symbolism to your readings. This personalized approach not only enhances the experience but also helps form a deeper bond with the cards, as each song reflects their meanings.

These playlists can also be used for meditation and reflection, allowing the music to guide your thoughts and intuition as you contemplate the messages of the tarot.

Whether you’re a seasoned reader or new, to the art, assembling your own playlists is an exciting way to explore the cards in a different light and add a unique dimension to your tarot practice.

Tarot and Sound: A Symbiotic Relationship

Colorful sound wave patterns flowing around and through cards

The relationship between tarot and sound goes beyond just background music; it delves into the realm of vibration and energy that sound inherently carries. Each card not only has a visual symbolism but also resonates with certain vibrational qualities that can be mirrored in sound.

For example, the trumpet in the Judgment card symbolizes awakening and is reminiscent of the clear, penetrating sound of a trumpet call. Similarly, The Hierophant, associated with wisdom and spiritual guidance, can be linked to deep, resonant tones that evoke a sense of reverence and introspection.

This symbiotic relationship suggests that sound can enhance the understanding and interpretation of tarot cards. Incorporating specific sounds or music that align with a card’s energy can deepen the reader’s intuition and connection to the deck.

It’s a practice that not only enriches the experience but also taps into the deeper layers of consciousness, where sound and imagery work together to reveal insights and messages. By exploring this connection, readers can open up new dimensions in their readings, where the auditory experience complements and enhances the visual and intuitive aspects of tarot.

Incorporating Music into Tarot Practice

Person meditating with cards and a music player or instrument in a serene setting.

Integrating music into tarot practice can transform readings into a more holistic and sensory experience. To begin, selecting songs that resonate with the theme of the tarot spread or the energy of specific cards can greatly enhance the atmosphere of a reading.

For instance, a spread focusing on emotional healing might be accompanied by soothing, calming songs, while a spread about taking action could be paired with more upbeat, energetic tunes.

Additionally, music can be used as a meditative tool before or during readings. Playing certain melodies or sounds can help both the reader and the querent to relax, focus, and open up to deeper insights. It’s also possible to use it as a way to connect with the energy of the cards, allowing the rhythms and harmonies to guide instinct and interpretation.

The Impact of Music on Tarot Interpretation

serene tarot space

Music significantly influences interpretation by affecting our emotional and psychological states. Different melodies and rhythms can evoke specific feelings, adding depth to the experience. It catalyzes intuition, unlocking subconscious insights and encouraging open-mindedness.

It creates an ambiance that enhances interpretive skills, allowing for a more immersive and insightful session. By selecting music that resonates with the tarot cards’ themes, readers can uncover new layers of meaning and deepen their connection to the reading.


The fusion of music and tarot offers a rich, multi-sensory experience that goes beyond traditional reading practices. With its profound ability to influence mood and unlock intuition, music is a powerful tool in enhancing the depth and accuracy of interpretations.

Whether it’s through making personalized playlists, understanding the historical connections, or exploring music-themed decks, the integration of music into tarot practice opens up new avenues for insight and self-discovery.

As we continue to explore these exciting intersections, we find that music and tarot together create a harmonious blend of art and spirituality, enriching our readings and deepening our connection to the cards. In this symphony of symbols and sounds, each reading becomes a unique journey, resonating with the melodies of wisdom and the rhythms of the soul.

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